contact us Signup today we are a leading bulk sms provider Reach them fast & love it with OKAYSMS Grow Your Business with OKAYSMS's Bulk SMS Platform. 95% of your customers are on their mobile phones. contact us Signup today YOUR OWN CUSTOM SMS SENDER ID Send SMS using your company name Send Bulk SMS's using your company's branded SMS Sender ID and stay ahead of the competition contact us Signup today MPESA PAYMENTS INTEGRATIONS C2B | B2C | B2B | eCommerce Integrations Provide your customers an easy way of paying for products and services using mobile money. contact us Signup today INTERACTIVE USSD & SHORTCODES We will integrate secure APIs into your application Increase engagements with your customers using SMS shortcodes that are interactive and easy to use. contact us Signup today Get a PERSONALIZED
Play a customized ring back tone to your callers Easly and quickly Advertise your Business, Products or Services and increase your business volumes.
contact us Signup today 3D, HD, 4K Videos & Graphics We'LL help you tell your story more interestingly Content to help you illustrate complex ideas in simple, engaging, creative & meaningful ways. signup now GET your free account

About OkaySMS

We are a passionate business, we love people. Our many years of experience and our philosophy for humanity is the main reason for our success.


OkaySMS is a leading SMS service provider offering reliable Bulk SMS services to businesses

We provide a FREE standard dashboard and a mobile app to allow you to quickly register for our Bulk SMS services for your SMS campaigns, SMS for customer relationship management etc

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Products & Services

OkaySMS Products & Services


We are the Innovative Solutions Provider of choice

SMS Marketing helps your business to stay connected with customers who are the core of your business and your most valuable asset. To stay in touch with your customers and maintain a long-lasting relationship, you need a reliable partner and that is where we come in.

Bulk SMS

Stay in touch with your valued customers 24/7...

Mpesa Integration

Provide customers an easy mobile payment solution...

USSD / Shortcodes

Enhance your customer's experience with USSD...

Corporate RBT

Advertise your products or services with a custom tune...


We will create content to help you illustrate complex...


You’ve crafted the perfect message, now you...


Everyone has a story to tell. Yours could be much...


Need to review your products and services or want to...

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Bulk SMS Features

Okaysms is accountable, honest, fair & reliable.

When you sign up for our BulkSMS solution, you’ll get access to our entire solution suite. Send SMS from your Web panel, Mobile app or integrate our SMS API.


Features you get by Signing Up

An SMS helps to increase your customers trust in brand communication and to raise awareness at the same time, each message enhancing their experience uniquely.

Features at a glance :

» Client Dashboard
» Reseller Portal
» MPESA Recharge
» Keywords Management
» Free Mobile App
» Ticket & Chat Support
» Invoice Management
» Custom Sender ID
» SMS Templates
» Quick Reports
» Scheduled SMS
» Recurring SMS
» Contacts Management
» API Integration

And more…


Increase connectivity to your customers

USSD is one of the few truly inclusive mobile technologies available. It allows faster communication between the user and the client application.

USSD Real Benefits to your Business

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (better known as USSD) holds many benefits for businesses, especially when it comes to client service and marketing. There area two types of USSD; Shared & Dedicated .

Benefit to your business :

» Products Surveys
» Voting
» Financial Services
» Utility Services
» Currency updates
» Paid Content Portal
» Product Promotion
» Competitions & Contest
» Customer self-management
» Ticket purchases

And more…


We can automate your payment processes

With the new era of mobile money transfer and the ease it has brought about in doing business, MPESA has become a fundamental part of most businesses as most have considered Integrating Mpesa as a payment option in their business.

An easy way to get paid..


Business to consumer model or B2C, is the type of commerce transaction in which businesses sell products or services to consumers.




Business to consumer model or B2C, is the type of commerce transaction in which businesses sell products or services to consumers.




Consumer to Business model or C2B is a type of commerce where a consumer or end user provides a product or service to an organization.




eCommerce is where a business offers products or services to customers through a virtual online store or marketplace for purchase.




Custom Rbt for Companies & Individuals.

We help organizations and companies set an RBT to be played on their staff cellphones with due regard to the company’s marketing needs and agenda. Consider this as a move towards marketing your products and services not just entertaining your callers.

Your Business needs a custom Rbt

A personalize caller tone messages and promotes your business to clientele and prospective customers, converting your phone into a channel for advertising to promote your business while entertaining your customers.

To use this service, you will be required to send us a short marketing text that our team will program into a tone that your callers will listen to when they call your staff or your company telephone numbers.

You can use this channel to tell new and existing customers about :

» Your existing products and services
» Your ongoing offers
» Product promotions
» Ongoing discounts

And more…

Graphics Animation

3D, HD, 4K Videos & Graphics

In the parlance of our times, we try to be scalable as possible. Our flexible model lets us fit process, talent, and timeline to any given project, not the other way around. Our clients like that. We like that. We think you’ll like it too, lets create.

Lets create together…


We will create content to help you illustrate complex ideas in simple, engaging, creative and meaningful ways in a very short time.




You’ve crafted the perfect message, now you need the right voice to deliver it. We got you. We will deliver top notch voice services.




Everyone has a story to tell. Yours could be much more powerful than you know. We will bring it to life and make the intangible tangible.




Need to review your products and services or want to review those of other vendors, our team of experienced product reviews can help.



Mobile App

Stay Connected to Your Clients 24/7

To further enhance customer connectivity, a business really need a mobile app to engage its customers. If it plans to prepare for the future and start seeing the massive benefits right out the gate, a business will need a mobile app and that is why we offer ours for FREE.

Benefits Of Bulk SMS

Delivers instantly
Instantly reaches the mobile device of your customers without any hassle.

97% Read Rate
SMS have a higher read rate than other modes of communication such as emails.

Zero Setup Cost
Our SMS campaigns have zero fees regarding setup and low sms costs.

High ROI
97% of the sms you send are instantly read by customers resulting to high ROI.

Wider Reach
SMS have a wider reach today as mobile phones are used by millions of users worldwide.

Customizable Campaigns
You can target your whole database of contacts, a group or even target an individual.

Use our FREE mobile app to further build a strong brand with your customers.

Connect with your customers 24/7 with our cloud based SMS Platform

Keep your customers engaged as you boost your profits all the way.

Download OkaySMS Mobile app from the google Playstore by scanning the QR Code.

SMS Pricing

Choose the right plan for your business

Flexible plans for small to enterprise businesses. You can also request a tailored pricing model that suits your business.

// Starter

// Basic

// Prime

// Pro

// Master

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